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Our Mission

The Performance Project is a community of many ages and ancestries that engages young people in intensive artistic training, intergenerational mentoring, leadership development, and community building through the arts.

Our Vision

The Performance Project envisions a world in which all people strive for personal and social liberation, where all individuals and cultures are honored, embrace interconnectedness, and we all are free to achieve our full potential.



Inter-Generational / Inter-Cultural Mentoring Community

  • We recognize that we are all learning from each other
  • We draw upon the many skills within our group
  • We build capacity within our group - members support and mentor each other.
  • We nurture youth leadership
  • We encourage healthy risk taking
  • We form life-long caring relationships over multiple generations


Artistic Training / Cultural Activism

  • We are committed to artistic excellence
  • We are committed to quality artistic training with talented professionals
  • We set the bar high and members experience the benefits of an intense work ethic
  • We ask a level of commitment that stretches most youth’s experience (time, energy , duration of projects)
  • We encourage healthy risk taking
  • The high quality of our artistic work opens doors and creates opportunities for members
  • We practice art as a form of cultural activism


Social Justice / Community Engagement

  • We engage in self-education, analysis, dialogue, and coalition building
  • We develop critical thinking skills and global awareness
  • We find every opportunity for access
  • We support members to identify and commit to ambitious education and professional goals
  • We spend time on college campuses and traveling
  • We create performances and visual art that connect the personal to systemic and global issues
  • We support under-represented voices and youth leadership initiatives
  • We claim a public voice and seek opportunities for community engagement