Mother Tongue is an original multilingual physical theater performance created by the Performance Project’s First Generation Ensemble. The piece is inspired by the experiences of First Generation ensemble members, their families and communities who are from Congo/Tanzania, Bhutan/Nepal, South Sudan/Darfur, Holyoke, and Springfield, Massachusetts. 
The 90 minute performance weaves together movement, music, dance, and stories in Arabic, Swahili, Nepali, and English. The piece incorporates themes of language, culture, identity, diaspora, hypermasculinity, xenophobia, transphobia, racism, the school to prison pipeline and revolution. 
Appropriate for ages 12 and up

Mother Tongue co-authors and ensemble members: Entsar "Star” Abdelrahman, Montaser Yagoub Abdelrahman, Charlétte Sostre Garcia, Monisha Gurung, Hatangerwa “Julita" Hasani, Moise Jackobo, Lali (Iliana) Quiles-Torres. Co-directed by Iyawna Burnett, Julie Lichtenberg, Lesley Farlow. Brenda Cortina, lighting design, sound design by Tyler Gorman and Tony Silva, and original composition and recording by I-SHEA Shaikly. Ensemble support, James Arana.